Version 8 to 9 Changes

System Wide

  • base system updated to Debian 12 Bookworm

  • configurable system locals (see Locales)

  • adapted and expanded shortcuts to debug and restart services (see Generic Admin User)

  • update SSH moduli to 3072-Bit

  • we moved Solr into an own managed service (see Solr)

  • we removed the possibility to add custom ca certificates to the servers keychain


  • monitoring checks, and their on-call state, are configured according to the SLA level selected in Cockpit

  • Netdata is available as part of the status vhost

See Monitoring.


  • switched to the Apache web server (see Website)

  • WAF configuration moved into its own file located at ~/cnf/waf.conf (see Web Application Firewall)

  • WAF configuration changes must be activated with waf-apply (see Web Application Firewall)

  • new configuration for request limits (see Limits)

  • removed the env option, all related configuration options can be set independently

  • removed the context option, which can be configured through application-specific environment variables as of now (see Environment Variables)

  • removed proxy and redirect types, which can be configured in .htaccess as of now

  • removed python and ruby types, as they work better and more flexible in a container environment (see Docker)

  • removed the ability to deliver mail sent by PHP’s mail() function locally, as this was not honored within most applications anymore

  • TYPO3 11/12 Core updates are automatically applied, for release notes see

  • PHP composer2 updates are automatically applied, for release notes see

  • Wordpress wp-cli updates are automatically applied, for release notes see

See Website.


  • updated MariaDB to version 10.11

See Database.


  • containers and images are now directly included in each backup

  • the network was configured to allow for dualstack IPv4/IPv6 containers

  • docker-compose (v1) is no longer supported by Docker. Please use docker compose (v2) instead

  • Changed storage driver from btrfs to overlay2

See Docker.


  • removed the envelope_from option, which can be set from within the sendmail process already

See Outgoing Mail Server