• all our servers do their own, snapshot based backup once a day

  • the full disk including all snapshots is mirrored to another location once a day

  • the number of backups and their size is not limited, however the diskspace used for all your files and backups is taken into account to charge your storage


  • a snapshot is created once a day and kept for 30 days


As of now, we do not document the required configurations settings to change this values. Please contact us if you have other needs.

Create Snapshot

  • you can also create a snapshot manually with snapshot-create

  • manual snapshots cannot be deleted and are also kept for 30 days


  • all available snapshots are mounted ready-only in /snapshots/

  • for easy access, we symlink the home of each user for each snapshot within the users ~/backup/ directory

  • you can access them directly according your system permissions