Managed Server Version 9

You are looking at the documentation of our managed server version 9. Switch to other versions by using the Switch to selector at the bottom of the navigation.

Here, we created a short and handy list for you to help getting started with our services.

Creating a Server


If you don’t have access to our Cockpit or need to reset your 2FA device, feel free to contact us.

Creating a Website


To disable Monitoring for your Website completely, remove all entries from the Monitoring tab.

Connecting to your Server / Website


You can either deposit your ssh key on server level to ensure access to all websites on this server or deposit the key in a website to restrict access to only the selected website.

Different Users and their functionality

How and where to find Logs


Log files are used to help find problems and errors that might be occuring on your server.

Commom mistakes & errors

Search and Glossary

Not found what you’re looking for yet? Beside of the search bar (top left), we also added a Glossary with a comprehensive list of all topics.


For marketing and contract related details and contact infos, visit our website

Open source

We strongly believe in open source software. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is available on GitLab and GitHub.