Environment Variables

For each website, the following environment variables are created by default:

  • WEBSITE_SERVER_NAME: configured hostnames

  • WEBSITE_TYPE: website type

  • WEBSITE_WEBROOT: webroot location

  • FCGI_SOCKET_PATH: path to the fcgi socket (only when PHP is enabled)

  • PHP_VERSION: selected PHP version, only when PHP is enabled)

  • DB_HOST: database hostname (only if there is a database)

  • DB_NAME: database name (only if there is a database)

  • DB_USERNAME: database username (only if there is a database)

  • DB_PASSWORD: database password (only if there is a database)

Custom Environment Variables

You can set or override environment variables per website, use the envvar option in custom JSON:

  "envvar": {
    "MYENVVAR": "this is the value",
    "DB_HOST": "override global DB_HOST variable here",
    "http_proxy": "override global http_proxy variable here"

Example Usage in PHP

$config = array(
  'db_host'     => $_SERVER['DB_HOST'],
  'db_name'     => $_SERVER['DB_NAME'],
  'db_username' => $_SERVER['DB_USERNAME'],
  'db_password' => $_SERVER['DB_PASSWORD'],