Administrator Access

There is an administrator user which can be used under mail.example.com. But you are free to create as many additional administrators as you like.

We recommend so set 2FA for all administrator accounts.

Domain Administrators

You can create a separate domain administrator to delegate access for certain domains:

  1. open mail.example.com and login as administrator

  2. select access and scroll down

  3. select Add domain administrator

Add Domain

  1. navigate to Configuration (top right) -> Mailboxes -> Add domain and fill in your domain name

  2. add the new domain with Add domain (a SOGo restart is necessary if you use SOGo as webmail)

add new domain

Add Mailbox

  1. navigate to Configuration (top right) -> Mailboxes -> Mailboxes (tab) -> Add mailbox and fill in your desired username and password

  2. save your settings with the Add-Button

add new mailbox

The new user can now

  • login to webmail (SOGo or Roundcube, you find a link to your webmail on mail.example.com)

  • login to mail.example.com to adjust certain settings (Spam filter, Sync jobs)

  • access his mails in a mailclient like thunderbird or outlook with IMAP/SMTP

Sync Jobs

You can import your old email with a Sync Job.

  1. Navigate to Configuration (top right) -> Mailboxes -> Mailboxes (tab) -> Sync Jobs

  2. Create a new sync job with your settings

  3. A sync job remains until you delete it. Remember to delete the sync job if you no longer need it.