We offer our mailserver based on Postfix, Dovecot, and rspamd. As webmail we offer Roundcube or SOGo Groupware. Each server is dedicated to a certain customer, therefore you can add any number of domains and accounts limited only by the ressources available (CPU/RAM/Diskspace).


We recommend that you use a dedicated domain for your mailserver installation


Maintenance is announced on and carried out at night whenever possible.


Our mailservers are monitored 24x7. We make sure that all services are up and running and also check email delivery to some common targets.

  • Email delivery to well-known services such as Google Mail, GMX, Hotmail and Bluewin.

  • Services such as SMTP, POP, Webmail, WebDAV and CallDAV.

  • Monitoring of several DNS-based Blackhole Lists.

  • And many other checks to ensure a smooth operation.


All data will backed up to another location once a day.


If you need assistance with restoring emails or other data, don’t hesitate to contact us