Client Configuration

Our mailservers support IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Additionally ActiveSync, CalDAV and CardDAV are supported if SOGo is used.

# Typ           # Server hostname      # Port    # Encryption  # Authentication
IMAP         143       STARTTLS      Normal password / Plain
IMAPS        993       SSL/TLS       Normal password / Plain
POP3         110       STARTTLS      Normal password / Plain
POP3S        995       SSL/TLS       Normal password / Plain
SMTP         587       STARTTLS      Normal password / Plain
SMTPS        465       SSL/TLS       Normal password / Plain

With SOGo:

# Typ           # Server hostname      # Port    # Encryption  # Authentication
ActiveSync       auto      auto          auto


ActiveSync is not a complete Microsoft Exchange replacement. We recommend IMAP for most clients. ActiveSync can be useful for e.g. Android.

We recommend using SSL/TLS and plain as authentication mechanisms (no passwords will be transferred plain text, since we use a TLS encrypted connection).

If your email client asks you for IMAP Path Prefix, you can leave this value empty. All relevant folders are located directly in the root directory of the mailbox.

Mozilla Thunderbird

mozilla thunderbird configuration

Microsoft Outlook

outlook configuration

macOS Apple Mail

Email, contacts and calendar can be configured automatically by installing a profile.

  1. Open and log in with your mailbox credentials (not with your admin account)

  2. Click on Show configuration guides for email clients and smartphones and then choose macOS

  3. There you can download a mobileconfig profile to setup your client