Preview User

To control public access to a website, for example, before release, we provide password protection that is configurable directly in the website’s settings in Cockpit.

Through this setting, everyone with access to the Cockpit customer can enable or disable password protection for a certain website without having to access the server and adjust and reload its configuration.


You can enable password protection by checking Enable password protection in Cockpit. Then, select your desired username and password, or generate a random password by using the Generate button.

Additional Users

To add additional users for all websites on a given server, or all websites for a given customer, you can set the website::users hash within the Custom JSON Server Level Configuration.

You can use those users for yourself and your co-workers to log in to all protected websites without having to remember the password for each individual one.

  "website::users": {
    "alice": {
      "preview": "$apr1$RXDs3l18$w0VJrVN5uoU6DMY.0xgTr/"
    "bob": {
      "preview": "$apr1$RSDdas2323$23case23DCDMY.0xgTr/"


The passwords configured here must be hashed with the crypt, apr1 or SSHA algorithm