Administrator Access

There is an administrator user (username: admin) which can be used under mail.example.com.

Domain Administrators

You can create a separate domain administrator to delegate access for certain domains:

  1. open mail.example.com and login as administrator
  2. select access and scroll down
  3. select Add domain administrator

Add Domain

  1. navigate to Configuration (top right) -> Mailboxes -> Add domain and fill in your domain name
  2. add the new domain with Add domain and restart SOGo
add new domain

Add Mailbox

  1. navigate to Configuration (top right) -> Mailboxes -> Mailboxes (tab) -> Add mailbox and fill in your desired Username, Full name and Password
  2. save your settings with the Add-Button
add new mailbox

The new user can no../w...

  • login to webmail on webmail.example.com (SOGo with integerated calendar and addressbook)
  • login to mail.example.com to adjust certain settings (Spam filter, Sync jobs)
  • access his mails in a mailclient like thunderbird or outlook with IMAP/SMTP or ActiveSync.

Sync Jobs

You can import your old email with a Sync Job.

  1. Navigate to Configuration (top right) -> Mailboxes -> Mailboxes (tab) -> Sync Jobs
  2. Create a new sync job with your settings
  3. A sync job remains until you delete it. Remember to delete the sync job if you no longer need it.