Dualstack IPv4/IPv6

All our servers and services are reachable by IPv4 and IPv6. We believe strongly in the future of the IPv6 Internet and are Member of the Swiss IPv6 Council.


Please help us spreading IPv6 usage by adding those DNS records. Its all you have to do manually, all other aspects of IPv4/IPv6 dualstack are covered by us.

Lookup Addresses

To enable IPv6 for your services you have to add the appropriate AAAA Records in DNS, in addition the the existing A Record. You can lookup both IP addresses with this command:

$ facter ipaddress ipaddress6
ipaddress =>
ipaddress6 => 2a04:503:0:1003::153

add DNS Records

Use the “ipaddress” Value as A Record and the “ipaddress6” Value as AAAA Record:

www.snowflakehosting.ch.    IN  A
www.snowflakehosting.ch.    IN  AAAA    2a04:503:0:1003::153