PHP debugging

We use Xdebug for debugging purposes. For details, please refer to the Xdebug documentation.


Xdebug is installed and enabled in all DEV environments


Remote debugging is enabled by default in all DEV environments. To allow multiple debug sessions in multiple installations at the same time, a random port is assigned to each website at xdebug.remote_port. If your debug destination (e.g. PhpStorm) is on another machine, you have to reverse forward this debug port to your desired destination, e.g. ssh -R 13377:localhost:13377 <username>@<hostname>.

Custom Xdebug Port/Host

You can specify own values for xdebug.remote_port and xdebug.remote_host through Hiera.

"xdebug::remote_port": "9000",
"xdebug::remote_host": ""


If set, those values will apply for all websites on this server. You’ll loose the ability to debug multiple websites concurrently.


Profiling is disabled by default, enable it by setting xdebug.profiler_enable = On or you can trigger the generation of profiler files by using the XDEBUG_PROFILE GET/POST parameter, or set a cookie with the name XDEBUG_PROFILE. By default, profiler output well be written into the ~/tmp/ directory.


Enable profiling can generate a lot of data. Make sure your diskspace is sufficient to store this files and disable profiling as soon as possible