Install and manage Apache Solr instances for different use cases.


Due to dependencies to different Java versions, running Solr version 6 with other, older instances is not supported


To install Solr for TYPO3, use the solr::webappv6 configuration.



  • present enable Solr instance
  • absent disable Solr instance and remove all its data and configuration
  • default: present


Version of Apache Solr to be installed.

  • default: 6.6.1


Version of TYPO3 Solr to be installed.

  • default: 7.0.1


By default, Solr will listen on port 8983. If you have multiple instances, or want to use a different port for other reasons, use the port parameter to specify the corresponding TCP port.


Solr will listen on the localhost interface only. If you need to expose Solr for external access, please use a website service (proxy type), and make sure access is allowed only by basic or ip address auth


By default, a memory_ratio of 4 is used, which means Solr will take up to 25% of this servers total memory.


see ../server/configuration for details about memory ratio calculation


  • true monitor Solr instance locally (Monit) and externally (HTTP check to Solr status)
  • false do not monitor Solr instance at all
  • default: true

Full example

  "solr::webappv6": {
    "name": {
      "ensure": "present",
      "solrVersion": "6.6.1",
      "extVersion": "7.0.1",
      "port": "8983",
      "memory_ratio": "4",
      "monitoring": "true"

Solr Admin

The Solr admin interface is reachable on http://localhost:port. To access Solr externally, please use a website service (proxy type), and make sure access is allowed only by basic or ip address auth. If the webapplication using Solr is installed on the same server, best practice is to let Solr run on localhost only and access Solr admin for management purposes by forwarding the corresponding port through SSH.

Add core

To add new core for a certain site or language, use the following URL:


  • name: name of the new core
  • configSet: desired template as provided within the Resources/Private/Solr/configsets/ folder in TYPO3 Solr, e.g. ext_solr_7_0_0
  • schema: <language>/schema.xml as provided within the Resources/Private/Solr/configsets/<version>/conf/ folder in TYPO3 Solr, e.g. german/schema.xml

For details, please consult the TYPO3 Solr Documentation.